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About Us

A Leading Global Over-The-Counter Pharmaceutical Company

Perrigo Laboratories India Private Limited is a subsidiary of Perrigo Company plc, a leading global consumer self-care company, delivering value to its customers and consumers by producing quality self-care products.

Perrigo India has a state-of-the-art research and development center located at Ambernath, near Mumbai. Perrigo India's mission is to develop pharmaceutical products for Perrigo's Consumer Self-Care Americas business, to support Perrigo's global strategy of being a leader in over-the-counter (OTC) store brand products. Our business is focused on the development of OTC products and Rx products that may potentially switch to OTC products for international markets, primarily in the US and in Europe. Perrigo India has expertise in the development of solid oral dosage forms, with additional product development activities in liquids, topicals, and more. It also has the capability and regulatory licenses to handle controlled substances.

In addition to Research and Development activities, Perrigo India also has a Global Supply Chain Support Organization (GSSO) that provides sustainable and world class processes for management of external operations within India for the global Perrigo organization. The GSSO has strong operational oversight of external manufacturing and packaging operations. It supports supplies from over 100 Indian API and FDF suppliers to all Perrigo business units.


Perrigo India was established in Hyderabad in 2003 as testing laboratory. In 2007, it expanded its activities to establish a Research and Development Center. Perrigo India relocated from Hyderabad to Ambernath, Maharashtra in 2013.

Current Focus

Today, Perrigo India develops solid oral dosage form products up to pilot scale (< 50 Kg) and works very closely with Perrigo's scientific team in Michigan, which is responsible for scaling up and manufacturing exhibit batches. Additionally, Perrigo India works on projects with the Perrigo UK store brand division as well as the Branded Consumer Health care division located at Nazareth, Belgium.

As Perrigo India's project portfolio has grown, so has its staff and breadth of activities. Employees at the site work in FR&D, AR&D, Pharmacokinetics, Human Resources, Engineering, Sourcing/Procurement, Quality, Administration, IT&S and Finance.

Perrigo India prides itself on being a strong, ethical, and compliant organization and takes active interest in Corporate Social Responsibility to ensure we have strong relationships within the communities where we work and serve.

perrigo india

A Leading Global Over-The-Counter Pharmaceutical Company

Perrigo India takes pride in quality and compliance. The registration stability center and the unit were successfully audited by USFDA. The R&D unit has an approval from the Department of Science and Industrial Research - Ministry of Science and Technology, and Government of India.