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Management Team


Dr. Sumedha Nadkar

Dr. Sumedha Nadkar joined Perrigo India in March 2012 as Director and Site Head of Perrigo India Laboratories India Private Limited, Research and Development Consumer Self-Care. Today, she serves as Senior Director and Site Head, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of Perrigo India. Dr. Nadkar has over 29 years of experience in Research and Development.

Dr. Nadkar is responsible for the governance and management of Perrigo India’s Consumer Self-Care Research and Development at the Ambernath, India site. She received a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from Mumbai and is specializes in formulation development, branded and generic formulations, novel drug delivery systems, and technology transfer.


Dr. Bhaskar Kolte

Bhaskar Kolte joined Perrigo India in September 2006. Mr. Kolte has over 26 years of experience in analytical research and development for finished dosage forms. He is responsible for the management and administration of analytical development activities for finished dosage forms, registration stability, and also holding a role of Factory Manager. Mr. Kolte received a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry.